Romero Canyon is the jewel located just off of Hasley Canyon Road…

Today Romero Canyon has been subdivided into acreage lots and is composed of about 46 families with small ranches that dot the canyon.  The residents still enjoy the rural setting that make the canyon a unique and special place to live.  In this unique suburban interface is where residents can look out their windows and see a Doe with her fawn eating leaves from a tree, children catching the endangered California toad (Bufo boreas halophilus ) beneath our beautiful oak trees and seeing the occasional mountain lion wondering atop the ridge lines scoping out its next victim.

It is not unusual to pass someone riding a horse or to see a ranch dog as you drive up the road. Many residents own horses, sheep, goats, chickens and other livestock, as well as domesticated animals. As people walk, run or bike they can rest beneath the beautiful oak trees along the canyon. Our nights are of the most peaceful, alive with the nocturnal wild life, the cool summer evening air is filled with the chirping of crickets, croaking of toads and the howling of the wild coyotes, and everyone knows that all is well when the canyon is alive with these reassuring sounds.

The occasional heavy winter rains bring the normally dormant Romero River to life, with the sound of water and mud flowing over the rocks it feels like camping along a brisk mountain stream. These sounds echo through our peaceful canyon along with the croaking of toads in search of their mates.

On a clear moonless summer night the sky is filled with stars…so many you cannot count them all… the Milky Way Galaxy can been seen crossing the night darkness and even an occasional falling star can be wished upon.

Wow what a place to live!

Composed:  August 6, 2010