Officials OK 70 homes, 3 commercial lots on roughly 50 acres

County supervisors Tuesday approved plans to build 70 homes on some 50 acres of land in Castaic.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a recommendation to authorize a residential development of 70 single-family residential lots, three commercial lots, four open-space lots, one private park and one public utility on 47.25 acres in the Castaic Canyon Zoned District.

In April, the board certified reports done by the developer — Bahram Safavi and Can Shelter Inc. — regarding the project’s impact on the environment.

The 70 homes are intended to be built in an area southwest of The Old Road and Interstate 5, south of Parker Road and north of Villa Canyon Road.

In a companion recommendation put before the board Tuesday regarding the same proposed development, supervisors approved a conditional-use permit on the “clustered hillside” housing development’s anticipated impact on oak trees.

By approving the developer’s oak tree permit, supervisors allowed the removal of 13 oak trees and approved the encroachment on 20 protected oak trees and two old “heritage” oak trees.

Heritage oaks — such as the Valley oak, California live oak, Black oak and Blue oak — have a trunk of at least 36 inches in circumference.
Heritage oaks are deemed as such because of their age, size, location, visibility, historic nature or other unique attributes, accordingly. These are trees that deserve special consideration for preservation and protection, according to county officials.

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