Articles on Castaic  History

Cultural Resources, NorthLake Specific Plan Area Los Angeles County, February 2007.
Castaic Range War Left Up to 21 Dead, by Cecilia Rasmussen • Los Angeles Times-Metro, 4-15-2001
Murder Trial: Wm. C. Chormicle and the Castaic Range War • Los Angeles Times, 1890 (26 Parts)
Archaeological Recovery of Historic Graves at Castaic, February 9, 1998
The Mysterious Gunshot Death of Margaret Routledge, 1-24-1916.
    Castaic Pioneers Properly Rebured by Leon Worden • Old Town Newhall Gazette, May-June 1998.
Construction to Start at New Jail in Castaic • The Signal, 12-2-1938
VIDEO: Homesteaders of Romero Canyon with Marylynn Butters & Dave Weston Philip Scorza’s Points of Interest, SCVTV, 2013
Fires Impact History of Winkler Homestead in Romero Canyon by Margie Anne Clark • The Signal, 9-23-2001
History of Wayside Honor Rancho / Pitchess Detention Center • LASD, n.d. (2002)
Castaic Junction: James Dean’s Last Stop Before Immortality? by Josh Premako • The Signal, 9-30-2005
Castaic High School Site: DEIR: Cultural Resources. The Planning Center | DC&E, July 2012
    • Phase I Archaeological Investigation, Castaic High School Site. Romani 2010.
    • LW2442 – Maps & Renderings, Castaic High School Site.
    • TV1303 – Groundbreaking 5-8-2013.

Articles on Hasley Canyon

New Information About First Gold Discovery by Leon Worden • The Signal, August 1996
Perforated Stones from Bowers Cave by Henry W. Henshaw, 1887 (Excerpt).
We Found the Lost Indian Cave of the San Martins (Bowers Cave) by Richard F. Van Valkenburgh • Desert, January 1952
Map – Bowers Cave, Pyle Ranch, Indian Tribes. Desert Magazine January 1952.
Archaeology & Inventory of Bowers Cave – Elsasser & Heizer, 1963.
Bowers Cave by Jerry Reynolds • The Signal, 12-14-1984
AP0812 – Bowers Cave, ca. 1951. 4 Images.

Articles on Ridge Route

The Trail to Kashtiq by John R. Johnson • Calif. Journal of Anthropology, Winter 1978
Pyramid Lake and Substation Mark 26th Year by Estelle Foley, August 2000
Recollections of a Boy Ranger by Mike Shuman, July 1998
Story of the Ridge Route by Harrison Scott • California Historian, Summer 1997
A History of Gorman by Bonnie Ketterl Kane, March 2002
ACR 98: 1915 Ridge Route Highway Historical Monument, by Assemblyman George Runner, 7-20-2001.
Memories of The Tumble Inn by Paul T. Mill, November 2000

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