Bobcat in a Tree – Photographed by: R. Landy, September 30, 2014



Deer in the fields – Photographed by: S Ennis, August 16, 2014

Deer in the fields

Deer in the fields – Photographed by: R. Landy, September 25, 2012

Eagle Eagle

Eagle – Photographed by: M. Metcalf, July 2, 2011

Bob the Cat

Story of “Bob the Cat” asleep on the porch:

After Sandia and Glen designed and built their house and finally moved into their first home, nestled in one of the box canyons along Romero Canyon Road. We recall waking for several years after having a young Bob Cat curled up asleep on the back door mate.  He spent many nights tramping around the canyon then using our back porch as his resting place after enjoying a fresh rabbit meal before he would retreat further up the canyon. Bob the Cat returned time and time again as this became a routine for several summers.  Although, we have not seen him asleep on the porch lately, likely due to the noise from our 2 year old, the Bobcat is a lot grayer and likely wiser now…to this day he is still seen around the barn in the back of our property.

Written by: Glen,  August 1, 2010

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