Superintendent: Budget will remain rocky for 2 to 5 years:

Superintendent: Budget will remain rocky for 2 to 5 years

Education: Delayed payment is another effect of state fiscal crisis

By Tammy Marashlian
Signal Assistant City Editor

Posted: August 11, 2010 9:05 p.m.
Updated: August 12, 2010 4:55 a.m.

As California’s financial mess drags on, the Hart district’s budget will remain a problem for at least the next two years, the school district’s new chief said Wednesday.

“The state is in a fiscal crisis, and they’re not helping education,” Hart district Superintendent Robert Challinor told The Signal Editorial Board.

In the last two years, public education in California has been cut by $17 billion, and California lawmakers have yet to adopt a budget that addresses this year’s $20 billion budget shortfall.

The William S. Hart Union High School District has already dealt with the cuts so far through unpaid days off for all employees, and increased class sizes.

The maximum class size at the high school level is 39 students, Challinor said.

While the 23,000-student district is financially sound for the current fiscal year, getting through the 2011-12 and the 2012-13 fiscal years will be a challenge, Challinor said.

The state’s education funding crisis will remain a significant problem for the next three to five years, he said.

Besides the cuts, the lack of state money for public education has meant school districts like Hart receive delayed payments, Challinor said.

Another priority, the superintendent said, is addressing the issue of drug use among local teens by creating a partnership with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

Challinor said he recently met with station Capt. Paul Becker to figure out how best to share information and address the problem.

Challinor was appointed as the Hart district superintendent about six week ago.

He replaces Jaime Castellanos, who retired in June.

Challinor was most recently superintendent of Muroc Joint Unified School District, located near Edwards Air Force Base.

He spent years serving Hesperia Unified School District, moving up from principal to assistant superintendent.

He said as he meets with community leaders, he has come to enjoy the strong focus the Santa Clarita Valley community places on education.

“We’ve got a community that embraces and cares about education.”

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  1. angryinscv

    maybe if the idiots that spent all the money on putting in new center dividers on newhall ave and railroad ave could use whats left to help the schools.

  2. zmaster131

    Wow, this superintendent is a genius. No wonder we pay him so much. I wonder how long it took for him to state the obvious.

  3. really

    Fully understandable! We always hear about furlough days that teachers, classified and administrators take but never what concessions upper level management has made on Mr. Challinor’s level and below. We can not blame Mr. Challinor for the stupid decisions that the board made to pay off Mr. Castellanos after all that would have saved or even kept a few jobs! Do not worry come election time when these board members are up for re-election, it will be time for the voters to “take out the trash!”

    Good luck Mr. Challinor and we know you will make a positive impact on this district!!

  4. fedupresident

    Maybe the school board shouldn’t be spending an extra $15 mil on the Castaic High School, when it could be used elsewhere… They are wasting “our” money!