Are you prepared for the next fire that burns through our canyon?

The most unpredictable and dangerous fire you’re likely to encounter is a wind-driven wildfire. As winds change intensity and direction, a wildfire can either lay down and smolder, or it can turn into a roaring freight train. Knowing how to protect your home, your family, and when to leave in the event of a wildfire will be essential if you are to remain safe when disaster strikes. To help the community better understand the issues related to preparing for a wind-driven wildfire in the city of angels, the Los Angeles City Fire Department is  partnering with Cal Fire, the Orange County Fire Authority, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, San Bernardino County Fire Department, Riverside County Fire Department, and other agencies to create Ready, Set, Go, LA!

Get Ready:
The first step is to prepare your property, home, and family to be prepared in the event of a wildfire.
Watch the Ready, Set, Go video: [ Watch video ]
Learn about a Family Escape Plan and Get a FREE Escape Plan via MySafe:LA
Brush Clearance Information: [ View Brush Info ]

Ready Set Go Website, click here.

Los Angeles County Fire Department – Station 143

The Los Angeles County Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire and rescue services and safe haven services for unincorporated Los Angeles County and for contract cities.

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day.
Phones: (661) 257-5009
  1. Smoke Alarms
  2. Fire Extinguishers
  3. Hazardous Materials
  4. Emergency Survival Guide
  5. Call 811 Before You Dig
  6. How to Shut Off Gas
  7. Natural Gas Leak
  8. Garage Fires
  9. Cooking Fires
  10. Candle Safety
  11. A Parents’ Guide to Fire Safety for Babies and Toddlers

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